Change skill progression system

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Change skill progression system

Post by Easypro97 » 25 Nov 2020, 12:34

This is a suggestion to change the skill progression system. :oops:
Bring back the old system but mix it up with some of the old and some of the new elements of the skill system.
bring back the specific skill exp per action,
keep the passive exp gain but make it more rewarding to active grind,
balance the required time to master professions,

I played 2 years ago and i was a miner/jeweler.
I remember it took me only a few weeks to reach lv 95-100 skills
if i grinded and it felt rewarding.
Nowadays i log in play for 15 mins and i have to wait a whole day and nothing to do with my skills to progress.
I dont say make the skill progression 5x faster but if someone plays many hours every day he shouldnt need 2 months to get from lv90 to lv100 in just one skill. :beer:

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Re: Change skill progression system

Post by Lkos879 » 30 Nov 2020, 18:40

Yeah I totaly agree because I played same miner jeweller and it was exciting when you look at your progresesion in real time and not like now you log in only for few minutes to fill xp bar and log out again because all work is useless and boring because you are earning only few exp whitout any rewards ...

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Re: Change skill progression system

Post by Goddesscrapbucket10 » 30 Nov 2020, 18:53

:evil: The old one
The new one sounds way to grindy and can cause game burn out in my opinion.
Though personally I believe an implementation of the old one shouldn't be too overpowered with how fast u can grind---that 48h cooldown and having to spend 2.5 months is too grindy.

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