Any one intrested ina good server?

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Any one intrested ina good server?

Post by Deadric-realm » 29 Mar 2015, 18:54

for all newcomer's or even highly experienced players, anybody, add me naganata warrior120 on steam, I will teach you all the tricks of the trade, from the basics to advanced on any skill u want to know, are server is Portugal/E.U Kingdom wars. (all players are allowed, extremely low lag, despite what ever the latency says, its broken) but even still normally a steady 79 latency server, the server admin never gets on(highly against admin server abuse) but he made this server in order to help people learn the game in legit way. or for people who are already experienced at the game, to just have fun, Its a absolute NO wipe server. are settlement is a democracy no bossy leaders. Rules are on the ts. and The TeamSpeak info will be given to those who add/reply/or are interested.

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