[HowTo] Easy Installing and Upgrading dedicated Server

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[HowTo] Easy Installing and Upgrading dedicated Server

Post by Gnomegemini » 20 Sep 2014, 18:16

Hey folks,

as some of you are setting up steamgames with steam gui and there are some disadvantages in doing so (i.e. logging out on your desktop pc) here's how you can upgrade dedicated server using steamcmd pretty easy.

Download, unzip and execute steamcmd inside a folder i.e. D:\Steam (This will install the steam cmd client)

1. create a script lif_upgrade.cmd (go to explorer settings and untick hide file extensions on known files. Now click anywhere (Folder, Desktop etc.) and create a textfile. Rename it to something like lif_upgrade.cmd)

2. Copy&Paste and configure on your own wishes (be sure to configure steamcmdfolder to your installdir and also to configure lif installdir to fit your needs):

3. Open the dir and read readme.txt ;)

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Re: [HowTo] Easy Installing and Upgrading dedicated Server

Post by Guahos » 01 May 2015, 11:14


Ok, so please clarify, if my LiF dedicated server is installed under
(ddctd_cm_yo_server.exe is located in this folder)

should I set the server directory as

or as

in such batch script file to work properly?

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Re: [HowTo] Easy Installing and Upgrading dedicated Server

Post by SylenThunder » 05 Jun 2015, 20:00

I'm looking to set up a dedicated server on a SunFire V20z I have sitting in the basement.

It's an older model with Opertron CPU's in it, but is currently managing two 7 Days to Die servers just fine. I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 Server edition (no GUI) on it.

So far this is the best guide I've seen, but it's horribly lacking in information and the one question asked hasn't been answered in over a month.

Is there anyone around that can clarify the setup process for a true dedicated server?
If a true dedicated server option is not available at this time, that's fine. It would make this thread pointless and misleading though.

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