Organic farming/composting

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Organic farming/composting

Post by Coheed_IV » 12 Jan 2017, 02:56

I think the farming yields should slowly degrade after years of farming.

This could be countered by composting byproducts.

Nearly every product could have a byproduct (fish guts, animal guts, egg shells)= your typical nitrogen or "green" byproducts. These can be collected from houses and taken to the compost pile, which also can take your farms or lumber yards byproducts = phosphorus and potassium or "brown" byproducts. The compost pile could be mixed, at your desired amount, to initiate a timer from which it would become active fertilizer.

This would require a dedicated job. Someone who picks up byproducts with wheel barrel and drops off at pile. Once mixed, the farmers would pick up and spread as necessary.

What ya think?

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