The Sleeper & Religions

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The Sleeper & Religions

Post by Khan- » 02 Nov 2016, 16:39

Hello everyone.

I'm making this thread to understand who is the Sleeper, it seems he's raising in power inside the game's lore. Few weeks ago, in the dev blogs, he were mentioned, and coming with the Halloween event.
In fact, he made is coming months ago. Check the heraldry and we can find "Sleeper under the tree" "Sleeper's eye" or "Sleper", he's here for long time ago now !

Firstly, I must remember to the community what we do know about religions and lore in the game.

Races & their religions :

There are 3 races in the game, Gottlung, Slavard and Khoor, an image of realistic ethnics who were important during medieval era (europeans, scandinavians and arab/mongols).

Khan-Bjornsen wrote:150. In the religion mecanics you Will implement, do you plan to split it in 2,3, or more religions (and then spécific churches/temples) or Will it stay the same for all ?
  • Answer: Regions will work only for resources. At least that is our current plan. Religion will be one and the same, but yes, we do some kind of religion and belief twists for different races. But these are also distant plans.

Through this Bobik's answer, there are also 3 religions we could hope to see coming in the game : Christianism, Paganism and Islam.
Because it is a game, these religion will be fictionnal lookalike, but we should recognize them anyway.

Random events :

In random events while playing, we can read things :
You remember how a few years ago the snow stayed on the ground almost until the end of spring and how the frost has destroyed a great many trees. The Heavens were merciful this year, though, and the Goddess of Spring warmed the Earth up in time.

They say there's a tree that is a thousand times stronger than these — wider and taller. But has anyone seen it? It is said to be guarded by wild beasts who tear apart anyone who dares to approach. But if there are no living witnesses, who can testify to the tree's existence?

The mead of the gods is suddenly poured over you, and you stand still, awed by the amazing sound: "The gods have poured over their celestial chalice, lighting the amber of the cold earth in the middle."

You feel the air that you swallowed as you ate tear out of its confines and head outwards. That was some burp! Even more thunderous than the gods holding chariot races in their celestial domains!

Old one-eye likes to tell tall tales about beautiful maidens who live in faraway lands and feed travelers with apples granting immortality. Or maybe it's their local god that feeds on nothing but magic apples. He should really pull the other one — we surely have nothing of the sort growing here.

The sun is pleasantly warm on your skin, and it makes the golden apples ripen. As you watch the apples growing a deeper yellow, you remember the tale of a magic chest with golden apples that belonged to the Goddess of Youth. They say that whoever tastes them will be granted eternal youth. It would sure be nice to lay your hands on a chest like that… You get lost in your daydream, losing your balance and falling off the tree as a result.

You instantly remember the old legend of the God of the Netherworld who keeps his gold-haired daughter deep underground.

Slavard & Paganism
With these random events, we understand in the game lore, there is several Gods. In the 3 real religions, only one has several gods (and even a Big Tree...), we can then believe the Slavard religion is the norse/germanic paganism (there are no names, but a one-eyed god, blond haired maidens, a legendary big tree etc...).

Gottlung & Christianism
Now, there is also the "God" we can read everywhere about the piety skill. Should we consider him as the god in this christian fictionnal religion ? Maybe. Pope, cardinal... monk robe... All thos clues, we get it.

Khoor & Animism/Islam
And the last one, arab/mongol : this one is maybe the hardest for the devs. Mongols were animists, it means they venerated spirits and animal spirits. Arabs ? they spread the fresh Islam through the mediterranean basin but we must keep in mind it is "similar" to the christianism... what will devs do, only gods know. :ROFL: :beer:

The Sleeper case :

The Sleeper could be a part of the Slavard religion, why not ? But even if I have notions of norse paganism, I don't remember about a sleeping god, all their gods we in fact humans walking on the ground...
He could also be a part of the Khoor's religion, he could be the moon spirit ? He could be named "Sleeper" because he sleeps in the morning, and he's awaken when people should sleep. Khoors could venerate the moon then.
The sleeper's eye can be seen on the moon, only with the halloween event, maybe he's sleeping all the time waiting for this.

Does anyone have an idea who is this god ? Is he the Gottlung's religion God ? the same God that we must pray harder etc... ?
Any dev giving hints are welcome ;)
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Re: The Sleeper & Religions

Post by Zohann » 17 Feb 2017, 12:10

Well, we saw the Sleeper in Gothic series. Some paralles can be drawn even with Cthulhu. Maybe it is the pagan deity of the natives of the MMO continent, but not of the players' characters. Who knows.

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Re: The Sleeper & Religions

Post by Azzerhoden » 17 Feb 2017, 22:18

Whe it would be heresy to grant him official status within Hyperion lore, many believe the sleeper is, in fact, Umbra.
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