Proper patching” (c) is here! (

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Proper patching” (c) is here! (

Post by Arrakis » 22 May 2015, 17:33

After countless hours of development and QA testing we have finally achieved a stable and fast patching system for LiF:YO. You should notice significant decrease in time when connecting to heavily terraformed worlds. We have extensively tested this system internally, but there will always be rare bugs that slip past the team. We will be glad for any feedback, thank you!
Keep in mind that at least one ingame midnight maintenance should pass in your world in order for our patching system to kick in.

Along with this long awaited functionality we have also implemented explosive naphtha in our game. So you can create special naphtha grenades to throw at your enemies or load bigger naphtha barrels to mop up larger areas ;) Keep in mind, that our explosion tracks all fragment trajectories, so it is quite easy to hide from the explosions behind bigger trees, walls and trenches!

Patch notes (ver.
  • Implemented a proper (proper for LiF:YO scale) patching system. Client loading times should decrease significantly, and rely more now on internet connection speed
  • Implemented an accurate naphtha explosion physics model. Multiple fragments can hit multiple body parts, depending on proximity to the epicenter of explosion and cover that might block shrapnel
  • Shields should now properly absorb damage and crack faster under axe-like weapon blows
  • Active blocking and parrying should properly slow the player now
  • Pounce (jump on shield) can now be activated only if you are wielding 2-handed axes or polearms
  • Implemented proper stamina consumption for shield bash, parry and blocking
  • Shield bash can now be performed only with Shield Mastery lvl 60 and higher
  • Shield bash now prevents character from moving, can not be performed while jumping
  • Some minor fixes for the trebuchet interface and operation
  • All crafting activities drop their results on the floor if your character is overburdened, instead of consuming resources and producing nothing
  • Wild hares and domesticated rabbits now drop proper amounts of ingredients upon being slaughtered
  • You can no longer heal already dead characters ;)
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally removed some tree collisions
  • Fixed the scale of some arrows and throwable projectiles
  • Numerous other minor bugfixes

P.S. We are aware that animals are acting even more weird now with the new patch. We will fix this behavior in a future patch. You can still hunt some of them with your trebuchet easily:
P.P.S if you are hosting Your Own world be sure that you have at least 500Mb more free disc space.

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