Requiem for a client crashes (

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Requiem for a client crashes (

Post by Arrakis » 28 Jan 2016, 13:04

After literally months of bug hunting, debugging and code rewriting, we’ve managed to fix the cause of the most rampant client-side crashes we’ve had so far! It definitely won’t fix all crashes at once, but we expect that at least 60% of crashes should disappear. Please do not hesitate to send an automatic crash report if you experience a client-side crash during your gameplay session - it’s a big help!

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:
  • Boosted formations, increasing their size. Bonuses in a full 10 man unit can be up to +50%!
  • Lowered bleeding rates
  • Boosted almost all one-handed weapons damage rates
  • Maul attack speed animation reduced (mauls will be slower now)
  • Added sorting in crafting and building/objects construction dialogues
  • Guild name and title are now shown in a character screen (P)
  • Implemented borderless fullscreen video option
  • Some crafting actions now check ingredients prerequisites before actually starting crafting ability
  • Sling maximum accuracy slightly tweaked
  • Unsuccessful taming ability still increases your skill
  • Added Polish localization

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed stacking luck bonuses bugs
  • Numerous GUI appearance and logic fixes
  • Fixed the rare occasion of some characters being unable to join the game, and crashing server during attempt
  • Fixed a bug that showed some of campfires as “broken”
  • Fixed music soundtrack switching rules
  • Ctrl + Click can now be used again to move items to barter window
  • GUI windows that are outside of the game screen will be shown back on the screen

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