Server Console Commands

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Server Console Commands

Post by Hieve » 22 Oct 2016, 21:41

Hey there,

as I am taking a break from these whole your own thing , I want to release some commands that I found out mostly by trial and error. I have seen some pastebin where some of them were already explained but I wasn't able to find these again.
I tried alot of them, some were crashing the server, some seemed to have no effect, so I cutted them down to what was useful for me atm.

you should have some knowledge of function calls to get out what fits in the fields.

Code: Select all
Server Console
>ingame printing
centerPrintAll("A Message in the middle of the Screen!",30,1);
bottomPrintAll("A Message in the bottom of the Screen!",30,1);
>ingame effects

>console printing
trace();                             // shows function calls
echo("Echo Message");
hack("Info Message");
warn("Warning Message");
error("Error Message");
listAll(); // lists all active players
ShowPositions(); // shows all positions of players
listObjects(); // lists all objects(spams the console with object classes)
messageAll("","Displayed on all client consoles);
>set time of the day

>effect unknown/crashing

and something I found in the forums, but sadly can't remember where.

Code: Select all
>Scheduler (found in the forums)
// schedule(ms delay,0,callback function,callback args...)
schedule(100,0,"SpamInfo","The information line goes here.\nBackslash-n inserts a line break.",10,2,120000);
// This auto-starts the SpamInfo() timer, with the above line, to stay on screen for 10 seconds.
// Two lines of background will be reserved, and the timer will repeat every 120 seconds (120000 ms)
function SpamInfo(%str,%seconds,%lines,%repeat)

It would be nice to see some more commands or maybe someone who can explain them a little better :)

edit: googling the right keywords for 2 seconds and you find everything:

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