Site and forums are up again!

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Site and forums are up again!

Post by Bobik » 15 Aug 2011, 08:51

I'll explain what had happened with us during those days and what an incredible stupidity we had stumbled upon during those days.

Without any warnings our hosting provider (mochahost) had stopped supporting of InnoDB storage engine. That resulted in like half of our tables to become unreadable=corrupted (since MySQL don't know how to read them without that engine running).

We have realized that fact like in few days after server went down. But before that we've tryed every imaginable way of recovering our database tables to save all the data we had. And we've failed in that, since we needed filesystem access to our base files.
That's where mocha's tech support started to shine :lol: I think i will just provide a ticket history here. I was kinda surprized that we able to diagnose and realize a problem, while their tech support, guys with administrative rights and maybe some certificates and such were soooo slow at realizing it and STILL slow at fixing it. That's just beyound my understanding.

After a week of stupidity, they finaly managed to turn on InnoDB table engine, so we've managed to save all our forums data, as you might have noticed. It's a bit messy with a new posts, that were made on these boards, but, still.

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