Town Crier - Our First Ever Dev Vlog

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Town Crier - Our First Ever Dev Vlog

Post by Bobik » 06 Apr 2015, 13:43

You requested it and we listened; introducing our first dev vlog which you can see here.

This first video was more of an introduction, with frequently requested information regarding JH and the claim system, as well as a little sneak preview from the art team of what you'll be seeing in-game soon.  

In our upcoming videos, we'll be continuing to share what the team are up to, answering some questions we spot on the forums and our Social Media, as well as shining a light on our awesome players with a 'Community Spotlight', where we'll be showing off awesome fan-made servers, blogs, drawings, ideas etc!  

So, we're hoping for a monthly video to be released, unless, of course, we have any important announcements etc mid-month! So do keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming vlogs.  

With that in mind, feel free to share any suggestions you may have.

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