Tree Regrowth

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Tree Regrowth

Post by Erza » 11 Jan 2017, 21:57

So im on a YO server thats about 5 weeks old about a week? ago all the original trees appear to vanish. I noticed my high Q apple tree spots every single one was just gone. No stump just gone. I hear thats intended by a newer patch (havent been on for some months). And that would be just fine wasnt it for the fact that just about every single new randmoly spawned sprout is only between 1 and 10 quality and that is it. So now you basically have a server that has no tree above Q 10 unless you are:

1) on a claim which apparently means no decay

2) you find a tree planted by a player outside a claim whos death timer hasnt run out yet

Am i just seeing things or has anyone else noticed something similar?

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