Sleeper's Free Concord

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Sleeper's Free Concord

Post by Valverrin » 17 Apr 2018, 04:37

We are free folk living near the Sleeper's smithy, a giant volcano. While pompous lords mask treachery with speeches of justice we are not ashamed of our desires. With steel in hand we take what we want. With deeds we stand for each other.

Don't be surprised if we come to you and ask to show the contents of your pockets. Far too many people on the good land of Abella are ready to sell even Spark to become rich. We free those hoarders of their greed, Jode's embrace is for them.

Lone wolf, tribe or a guild, anyone who values freedom and strength is welcome among us. We don't need your vows nor do we care where are you from, your deeds will tell us everything. Are you tired of being a lords' or kings' slave and servant? Do you wish to swap boring peasant routine for a life full of thrill and adventure? Welcome to our community!

Free cities of Sleeper's Concord:
Lower Verna (Kingdom of the North), Citadel (TIK), Med (MED).

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