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[ITA] Element Medieval IT.x.U.

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Element Medieval *IT.x.U.*
On the morning of December 20, 1031 at 2:00 am, the foundation stone of the Kingdom of Medieval IT.x.U. was set on the mainland of Skjultland, with the foundation of the village to which the name of Lepis Magna was given.
The town, located in Region 24 west of the Great Central Mercantile City (Region 25), is positioned on hills overlooking the north side, on a river that crosses the continent from west to east.
The founders Omar, Canaglia, Remuve, Andrea and Victor, who arrived in this region in search of a territory suitable for the foundation of their county, discovered a high quality rock mine (hence the name of Lepis Magna) and later in the same mine silver was collected, which convinced the pioneers of Life is Feudal to settle on the hills of the Region 24.
Today Lepis Magna is a village established on a plain on the slopes of the aforementioned hills, connected by an articulated stone road network, consisting of a central blockhouse and three huts. There are two wooden military outposts to the north, (controlled by Remuve and Victor), which face the northern river and to the south there is a terraced outpost, (controlled by Omar), which acts as a military embankment and which protects the town from the mountains and the forests of the South.
The particular position of Lepis Magna between Region 23 (which is reached through a "language" of land between two rivers) and Region 25, where the Great Central Mercantile City insists, guarantees to the Medieval IT.x.U. a strategic / military, economic and diplomatic control of the surrounding territory. This is evidenced by the fact that many travelers, merchants and diplomats of the neighboring Kingdoms often on their travels, arrived in Lepis Magna, are held in conversation with the knights of the Medieval IT.x.U.
On the diplomatic front the Medieval IT.x.U. they have established a strong alliance with the Turkish Kingdom of the "Khuns" (36 cavalrymen) who are in the Region 13 about three hours of horseback riding (about half an hour on horseback in real life), while stable diplomatic, commercial and of artisanal and military collaboration have been close with the Czechoslovaks of the "Pioneers" (51 cavaliers) and the Spaniards of the "Los Ratones Pacificos" (32 cavaliers), who are respectively on the other side of the river of the North and East of Lepis Magna.

Diplomatic contacts were also initiated with the Kingdom of the "Los Cielos" (Gilda di Spagnoli with 22 knights north of the Region 24 at the foot of a small lake) and the Kingdom of Odyno (Italians neighboring the IT.xU with about 15 riders) . Also the riders of the IT.x.U. during an exploration mission to the West, they established commercial relations with the Kingdom of the "Order of the Valkyrie" (Guild of probable German nation composed of 31 knights) placed on the shores of the Great West Ocean. While in the Far East good commercial and diplomatic contacts were established with the Kingdom of the "Order of Saint Lazarus" (a Russian Gild composed of 54 knights) with whom a very convenient barter trade agreement was established.
Unlike the Medieval IT.x.U. they are at war with the Kingdom of "Die Asen" (maybe 13 German knights), Guild settled south of the Kingdom of the Khuns. This war began on 12 April 1032 at the diplomatic request of the Turkish allies. The only battle to date, consisting of a siege to their castle, has been victorious; in particular, Count Omar was able to sever two heads of two noble enemies demonstrating on the field the value of the knights, as long as the Sovereign of the Khuns, after the battle, repaid their effort with a gold booty and with great fervor offered land and a stone outpost in their Region to settle in; offer that is still rejected by the Grand Council of Medieval IT.x.U.
Even the Pioneers required the weapons of the IT.x.U. on their side and specifically on one occasion, such as mercenaries, against bandits and criminals.
The plague of the bandits and criminals unfortunately afflicts all the lands of Skjultland, in particular the riders of the IT.x.U. they found themselves defending against a triad of Czechoslovakian criminals (Apate / Rufus / Huwac, already removed from the Guild of the Pioneers) the silver mine discovered on the northern slope of Lepis Magna. The raids of the aforementioned bandits led by the criminal Apate lasted for months and most often ended with the death of these. On sporadic occasions, however, backed by other kingdoms, to which Apate asked for help with deception to impose itself on the silver mine, some of the IT.x.U. they lost their lives. Each time these nobles (including the Los Cielos) were betrayed, robbed and deceived by the infamous triad and driven from the ranks of the Kingdom. In the end, however, Apate succeeded in gathering more men (perhaps up to 6, probably bewitched with the false promise of silver and iron) so as to plan the foundation of a city north of Lepis Magna on the banks of the northern river. I Medieval IT.x.U. they then organized an assault on the enemy positions in three violent and bloody attacks to wipe out the enemy and succeeded in collecting a large booty. The firmness and violence of IT.x.U. upset the plans of Apate who abandoned by his men fleeing leave
leaving all goods on the battlefield and not returning from the day of the epic battle.
Today Lepis Magna thrives in the northern center of Region 24, has access to the North River (in May with a new patch will be implemented commercial and battle boats) as well as a silver mine and several copper mines. It is lacking for iron, marble and slate hour. The iron is instead located in the South, controlled by three Kingdoms, perhaps allies, with whom no diplomatic contact has ever been established. The riders of the IT.x.U., often with the nightfall, visit these lands by taking advantage of the precious mineral. The prospect is to establish diplomatic contacts for the future, bartering silver for iron. Another priority is the exploration of the Regions to the West (where there are large mountain ranges) and the Regions to the South (where the Great Volcano is located) in search of precious minerals and to establish commercial and diplomatic contacts with the present Kingdoms.
As for the economy in general of the Kingdom of Medieval IT.x.U., we can say that the game, very prosperous in the region, guarantees a peaceful survival. Also the agriculture, the breeding and the handicraft in general (construction, minerals, carpentry and forging) has been well organized by the four knights so that today in the town of Lepis Magna operate excellent artisans in the various categories of work in which are busy.
The Kingdom of the Medieval IT.x.U. Element guarantees protection and wealth to all the solitary knights who want to continue to write the story on Life is Feudal. If you wish to join this Italian Guild you can contact the founders about the following applications:
• Discord IT.x.U. :https://discord.gg/X4mGvbj
• Ts Element Gaming : ts3.element-gaming.eu
• Sito Element Gaming :https://www.element-gaming.eu/
• Twitch :https://www.twitch.tv/itxu_ercanaglia

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