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Game FeedBack:

Post by Yuri319591 » 14 May 2018, 14:29

Probably won't even be read and ignored, because the devs seem to have a vision and don't really want certain types of feedback as they dont want certain changes. But here are the few things that are killing your game.
Now this is the part you might not want to hear, but i have to compare this game to others of the same type. Including the most recent one that practically stole all our members. Yes trust me, all my LIF discord channels/coalition that contained numerous guilds and players. I see them all in 'Conan Exiles'.
And i will tell you why that succeeded and this did not.

Also a big 'idgaf' to those who will tell me to go play Conan.

1- bad skilltrees
When you start out you have access to very few things to do. Few options is never fun. Not to mention that most starter things are useless. You have to grind countless hours, a grind that isn't even progressive, but just dull grind to actually get to the perks that you need. I think a revamp is needed, some walls that block you are just silly. I think most if not all skills should be unlocked, all weapons usable.
But then depending on how much you use them, you increase stats and proficiency. It's silly that i can't pick up a sword if am not a swordman, anyone can use a sword. But i will be shit cuz no exp with it.

2- The grind. I would put this as your no1 game killer.
The grind is to long, it is to tedious, it is boring cuz its not done in a nice progresive way. You end up with doing same thing hours in a row, and going afk with bot clickers. This is for SKILL GAIN and building, same problem.

Most people who join cannot stand it and leave, those who stay get burned out eventually or maybe manage to keep going.
Two problems that arise from this, people just making basic structures, to get things done and be efficient. Fuck trying to make a nice looking town (like in the trailers). Cuz that shit would take to much time, imagine making a tower and having to demo it cuz it was placed bad? Most people will say fuck it. Cuz theres another 6h work just to make it back. You end up with minimalist/shit looking bases cuz noone really wants to build anymore than what is actually ESENTIAL.

Then you end up with this other problem, spend 4 months to make claim, get in war, get claim destroyed. Guild quits.
Other games like LIF. Takes few weeks to get a base up and running and also look nice, gets destroyed, is fine, will rebuild.
Almost noone wants to fucking rebuild in LIF when destroyed.(i say almost, cuz there are the last 100 left that do)

Jobs take to much time to do that you dont have time for anything else besides that. Fuck RP'ing or w.e else. I gtg feed my chickens.

3-To few skillpoints/Stuff you can do. These points are all connected honestly. None of them will work without fixing the other
Ik you tried this community thing that isn't really working, people need to be more self suficient. Every other game let's you do that, let's you solo play. Or manage in fewer numbers, people love that.

I would say these are the 3 main killers, and they all add up to.
TO MUCH GRIND, to few achievements, not enough reward.

If you want to be realistic, most anyone could do anything. That's why i say all skill sshould be unlocked in basic form. ANd practiced on for proficiency.
I can build, i can skin a goat, i can feed animals and clean shit, i can cook, i can make wooden furniture. I can repair things.Most people back then could and did do it themselves, they were self suficient.
Got a fucking village next to me, and i helped, but almost everyone there has raised their own home, their own instalations/electric/plumbing. Gardened, got their animals and all that shit. So yeh, it's not fucking rocket science not now, not back then either.

They can look at someone else and copy, no big deal.
Thing is some were better at their specialty or w.e they focused on more and that's how this game should be.(the skilltree at least)

After you fix all these problems, you can fix the PVP. Like i said, all mechanics are linked. You won't have a decent game until all are fixed

4- After previous 3 are fixed. Just like Rust/Conan/Arma 3 mode and every other building survival game. Remove the claim protection. All bases open and vulnerable to attacks. To incite raiding/PVP.
Why will this work only after first 3 are fixed? Quite simple.
Cuz if you make this game not so grindy, easy to get certain mats, easyer to build. People won't be so butthurt when their claims are destroyed. Reuilding will be an option.

Look you got so many games out there that do this but better, you could of taken example.
The only reason i am sticking to this is because its the only one with a feudal vibe to it.

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Re: Game FeedBack:

Post by Malkbeth » 29 May 2018, 11:42

Think. Before training a skill, think and plan.

I trained jewelry 0 to 90 in a single power hour in same time i read my papers with a cup of coffee, no cheat and easy.

How ?

Everything is a about quality. Food quality the must important. Find high quality fertile dirt and make a good farmer. Get the best food quality possible, grind that FIRST. Yes you have to be patient, while you wait for your field, work on a blacksmith to get metal tools and with other skills (friends or toons) you will get steel tools, good quality.

When I did it the best food quality, I search for a sliver mine. Mining until I hit good quality.

I fed my miner with the best food, got 40-50 quality silver nuggets, and tada. 90 in one freaking power hour. This game need you to think and plan before doing something, like in real life. If all you eat is freaking fried cheap food, you got 1$ hammer and cheap woods, good luck to build a decent house with your bare hands while self learning carpentry in the same time.

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