[OFFICIAL] Start a New (RP-PvEvP) : Economy | Coins | Markets | Guild System

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[OFFICIAL] Start a New (RP-PvEvP) : Economy | Coins | Markets | Guild System

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About Us:
Welcome to Start A New, where our community members come first!
We prioritize your gaming and role play experiences to ensure a fun and hospitable environment.

Server IP:

Livemap: https://livemap.feudal.tools/livemap_id=861&s=main
Discord: https://discord.gg/S4kfFXQ

- Fully working and sophisticated economy with currency, monetary logs, guild fund records and a market system with graphical data for price changes. All data updates automatically with price changes and profit margin fluctuations.
- Automatic guild roles created for new guilds
- Custom guild channels once a guild earns its name
- Quests, Events, Public Works to gain coins
- Start fresh and new!

The Economy:

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