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Odin Recruitment

Post by Princessb4life » 14 Jun 2018, 14:39

Are you looking to be apart of something meaningful?

If you want to be a part of a group that you are more then just a number, a valued member and a contributing member, then look no further. Odin is searching for new and experienced players alike to join our ranks.

We pride ourselves in being a PVP centric guild, with a strong crafting background to support our efforts. The members of Odin will teach you to be an effective fighter, and crafter, or perhaps you can teach us something if you're an experienced player! Be a part of our fighting force, be a part of our tight knit group and have fun!

What are we looking for?:

- Maturity, 18+
- Selflessness and a strong sense to better the guild through improving yourself and others
- Willingness to learn to become an effective combat force and improve current abilities
- Fun and laid back attitude, we like to have fun!
- No experience required, we'll teach you what you need to know!
- Required Discord & Teamspeak Access w. Microphone

What do you gain by joining ODIN?:

- Access to around the clock PvP action against the Chinese, and other enemies
- Multiple Instanced Battles weekly
- High level equipment, and top notch crafting facilities
- A guild backed by a large alliance controlling multiple servers
- A fun, tight knit group who are very active on a daily basis
- Top tier fighters to spar with and learn from to improve your combat capabilities

Interested or have more questions? Please feel free to join our Discord and ask for a recruitment officer in the recruitment chat!

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