ROME recruitment- Buyan & Telmun

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ROME recruitment- Buyan & Telmun

Post by Lsoper69 » 10 Aug 2018, 17:39

[CITY] Rome is looking to expand our numbers!
We are a well-established, close group of adult players who enjoy all aspects of the game, PVP, and PVE alike.

We are a very laid-back group, who encourage our members to seek out the profession they would most enjoy.

At Rome, you are not required to fill any specific role but are encouraged to play the way you like.

We have several guild claims and vassal guilds, on both Buyan and Telmun.

We have crafting areas for every profession and have the knowledge to help you maximize your time. New members have plenty of space and work area to utilize.

PVP more your liking? We have that too! We offer cooperative PVP training, IB and Judgement Hour participation. We are members of the NA coalitions on both Buyan and Telmun and have strong relations with many NA guilds.

Come grow with us, and help build our Legion.

What we offer:
• Fun ADULT Atmosphere
• Housing and security
• Armor, Weapons and PVP Training
* Active PVP in open world, IB and Judgement Hour
• The ability to grow with an experienced group
• High Quality Food
• Skills and Experience of veteran players

What we expect:
• Be a part of our Discord community – You must be on comms when playing.
• Contribute your part
• Be available to participate in Judgement Hour at least once a week.
* Be an ACTIVE player.

Come visit with us in discord, and see if we might be a good fit for you and your play style.

Be sure to DM either the centurion or senators, as we might not hear you enter the public channel
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Re: ROME recruitment- Buyan & Telmun

Post by Lsoper69 » 12 Aug 2018, 07:02

BTW , We can be loud and rowdy but it is all in fun.

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