Do you check your work? Invisible Skins

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Do you check your work? Invisible Skins

Post by Coovargo1 » 13 Aug 2018, 16:37

Do you guys go over your work at all? Or just throw it into the game?

T3 Plate Skins on T2 Plate make you invisible. The Chinese are running around invisible with floating bardiches killing everyone, abusing more exploits like they do.

Half of our guild quit today because Chinese ran in with invisible plate guys and killed everyone, and we could barely even hit them because all we see is a floating bardiche and head. Like seriously? Another couple dozen of our guild members gone, and a couple dozen of your subscribers gone. But doubt you care, Chinese are buying your skin to use it for abuse. So why patch it right?

Do some quality assurance before you release a patch.

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Re: Do you check your work? Invisible Skins

Post by Arrakis » 14 Aug 2018, 16:06

Yes, we are always testing patches internally, but there may appear some unforeseen issues such as this one when updating live servers. We are already working on the fix and it shouldn't be long until it's patched.

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Re: Do you check your work? Invisible Skins

Post by Lorihugheswriter » 21 Aug 2018, 11:25

Looks stable as of now, even though it did happen before and I felt pretty helpless.

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