Arena problems

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Arena problems

Post by M.strid » 21 Aug 2018, 18:24


I very much enjoy the arena feature, I think it's a great way to practice 'live combat' without risking life and limb in doing so, and for otherwise peaceful guilds to enjoy the PvP aspects of the game. But there are two issues I'm having with it:

1) camera displacement in third person: strangely I've found nothing on this, and got no response in the Discord. In the arena, my third person view goes 'wonky', the aim goes significantly higher than usual, which means that - well, my aim is off. To hit people I'll have to aim low, and in doing so I lose sight of the combat whenever I want to land a strike, and absolutely can't block anything since I basically have to look away from the opponent's weapon whilst raising my block. It happens every time, and it stays once I leave the arena until I reboot the game. This makes it quite a bit less fun, and a little bitter since it obviously isn't working as intended and inhibits me from fighting properly.

2) being knocked out - with a bleed: getting knocked out is all well and good, I think that's fair - but in the chaos of battle, the opponent often can't finish you off because the moment they put their weapon down to end you, someone else tries to get a cheap kill out of them. So you're left laying there - and several times, I've had people trying to hit me whilst knocked out, because they don't seem to get the coup de grace mechanic. Couple that with that you've got a 1.5 minute bleed... And you're put out of commission for a significant portion of the battle. If you get knocked out repeatedly, you can give in and die, and get back to it - but this prompt only happens after a succession of knockouts, and /suicide isn't possible since, well, you're stunned. The arena only lasts for 10 minutes, and the queue can be very long, so getting in after an hour of waiting, only to spend half the match laying in the mud, is quite inhibiting to the potential fun one could have in there.

So, I'd very much like to know if there's a way to fix the camera bug, and if you would consider changing the knockout mechanic in the arena - either give you the prompt each time you're knocked out, or enabling a suicide command so that you can get back to fighting.

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