Seeking purpose? Come to DGN

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Seeking purpose? Come to DGN

Post by Zbloom00 » 02 Oct 2018, 15:56

We are the fighters. We are the slavers. We are the looters that go bump in the night. We are the reason you want to pve in your walls. We are DGN.

Based in Buyan, tile 26, out of Karakorum we are the OLDEST active guild in NA, the 7th made. We have 6 claims specially tailored for the crafting trees. Designed to support a standing army of 200+ people. Join the machine and add your own twist to it.

We work closely with Telmun, so if you live there we have some interesting opportunities we can talk about.

Need to learn? We have very active players that can show you anything you'd like to know.

Want to craft? Claims are designed in such a manner you never have to leave their safety, and you can pop out 100q items no prob.

Want to fight? We have been here since the start, battle hardened by a constant flow of armies and raiders to contend with. Our military doctrine teaches one to fight as a unit. And we currently deal with a constant flow of open world pvp.

Outposts? We have 14. And ready for some more. We believe these to be the future of our guild, and afford us a great many opportunities. We currently run the DSN (Devilclaw Slave Network) and oh boy we have created a niche and filled it when it comes to slaves. If you or your guild has bought a slave, it's probably been from us.

Join our discord, or pm me for more info. Feel free to peruse my YouTube account to see some of the fights we have. ... nknown.png

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