Low Quality Ressource Dumping.

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Low Quality Ressource Dumping.

Post by Sunleader » 09 Oct 2018, 20:34

An Problem everyone in the Game knows.
Low Quality Iron or other Materials will usually not be used.
They will just be Dumped on the Ground because why should you use it ?
Its lower Quality.
No matter where. The higher Quality is always Better.

I think an super easy way to End this would be to add a Quality Multiplier for Ressources on certain Items.

For example.
Nails are very Easy to Build. They need really not much.
And heck Nails even nowdays will usually be made out of Iron.
Steel Nails werent exactly a thing back then anyways.

So if used for Nails. The Modifier of Iron would not be 60% but 300%
So even if you use Quality 30 Iron for them. The Result would be the same as if your using Quality 90 Iron.
This would mean that using any Iron above maybe 35 Quality. Would in Fact be a Complete Waste.

Different Items would have different Modifiers.
Some Items might even get a Higher Modifier from Iron than from Steel.
For example a Heavy Club might actually be better made from Heavy Iron and thus get a Higher Quality than if it was Steel.

The Importand part is.
This way Lower Quality which is easier to attain would actually get a worth of its own.
Because it could be used for certain Items thus allowing you to conserve the higher Quality Iron.

This should reduce Ressource Dumps of such Materials as it would mean that the Material despite its low Quality would actually be useful :)

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Re: Low Quality Ressource Dumping.

Post by Nefezer » 25 Oct 2018, 03:28

«A special substance used to increase the quality of basic ground resources (ores, sand, clay, rock, granite, marble, etc.). Baromsag can be obtained by building and controlling the geognosy pit.»


Go in peace.
In a game in BETA version we have to cope with the stressed development team with black humor :twisted:

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