Regional Ressources are not balanced (example leather)

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Regional Ressources are not balanced (example leather)

Post by FipsDieGrille » 27 Mar 2020, 05:41

It seems to me that regional ressources need some balancing. Game design wise it shouldnt be that some are so much more important.

Leather for example. If i want to build 1 Item of everything,
i need 2 soft thin leather, 5 soft thick leather, 10 rough thin leather and 15 rough thick leather.

Please tell me if there is some use for soft leather that i may missed but at the moment it looks very unbalanced to me. I have the same impression of coarse wool > soft wool and all vegetables > onions)

Here is my list (in german because i dont know the english names)

Weiches dünnes Leder
- Alchemistenkleidung (2)
- Normale Lederarmschienen (1)
- Normale Lederhandschuhe (2)

Weiches dickes Leder
- Normaler Lederhelm (1)
- Normale Lederstiefel (1)

Grobes dünnes Leder
- Normaler Lederbeinschutz (2)
- Mönchskutte (2)
- Kochkleidung (3)
- Züchterkleidung (3)

Grobes dickes Leder
- Schmiedekleidung (5)
- Normaler Lederkürass (3)
- Steinmetzkleidung (5)

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