Warmfixes that are not that hot aka “Friday the 13th lucky patch"

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Warmfixes that are not that hot aka “Friday the 13th lucky patch"

Post by Bobik » 13 Mar 2015, 14:31

This current patch is dedicated to providing more fixes to our claims system and to client side performance in general. We have also implemented a Repair Ability, so you can now repair damaged structures and objects with different sized Repair Kits.

Patch notes (ver.
  • Implemented a Repair Ability. Repair Kits of all sizes can now be crafted by anyone with Construction materials preparation skill.
  • Optimized claims calculation code. There should be less freezes now during claims recalculation
  • Added damaged models to different objects and buildings. Most of these models are not final!
  • Significantly lowered base decay rate for all objects
  • Fixed a serious bug that caused some objects to disappear in certain circumstances
  • Fixed and optimized network code
  • You can now Inspect objects to learn about their durability data
  • You can no longer use trash items and soil for sacrificing. They will not provide sacrifice points
  • Fixed multiple monuments and guild-related minor bugs
  • Guild member limit now works properly
  • GM mode camera speed is no longer the same for all GMs

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