Hi everyone
Here are some Ideas, to make the Game more Unique
Cause do we really need another Typical Citybuilder with Survival Aspects?
I mean we know Banished we loved it but it always lacked something for some other People
And this is why i'm here cause this game definetly has a high Potential!

  • - Add Torches/Light to the Game (As building or/and for some Villagers)
  • (Torches used to Light Up and keep Predators away from Settlement at Night,and from Villagers increase chance of beeing avoided by animal)
    (Besides of the Function from Hunter to keep Area clear)
    ( I wanna see at the Dark Nights the Lights that comes out of the Building windows)
    ( And little torches "running" around on the Streets :3, would look pretty nice)
    ( Torches Give some Heat in the Winter time)
    ( Torches as craftable Item to be used by all or just some villagers at night and for Buildings)
    ( Torches affect Villagers Happiness at night , without Torches Villagers are less Happy by beeing "afraid of the Dark" which means less Productivity at Night.)

  • - Add Places to Heat & Eat up in the Winter Season like Tavern,Pubs, a little Hut, Campfire.
  • For the Case when Villagers need to Walk a Long way for Work/House/Transport that would normally End in Death by Cold or Starving.
    (Need some A.I Behaviour Tweaks)
    Would allow "multiple little" Settlements/Villages and traveling between them.
    --> In Addition to Traveling between Villages/Towns
  • Add a Trade Building that (by little menu) allow to Collect specific Resources from your Storages
  • and "ship" or cart between settlements/villages/towns that also require the Trade Building.
    --> Later upgradeable and your Trade building use a Horse Carriage (faster)
    Collect area should be Customizable cause of diffrent Village/Town Sizes
    Carts require at least a dirtpath , Horse Carriage aswell to the other city (maybe a option to point exactly the way it will use )
    Both are affected by Road "Tier" the better the Road the faster it can travel and less accidents due road quality can happen
    (make arrive transport later)

  • - Happiness System
  • ( The Much Happier the Villagers are the better is the Productivity )
    If too many Villagers become unhappy |
    Required minimum Amount of Villagers -> Lead into leaving Villagers that can split into another Village/Settlement
    with Thief/Highwaymen /Bandit/Raider that will try from time to time to "Raid your Village"
    (Just to keep clear i don't want a Army System or really a Fight system but i would like to see a Goverment -> Policy -> Crime system
    for your little Village rooted in How Happy are you Villagers?!) (Mostly Automated System) (Explained further downside)
    (For enough ressources you can ask/search for Headhunters via Ship/Port to come on your Island
    and try to eliminate you from your Raider/Bandit/Thief Problems)

    Happiness maybe something like this 100% would be normal , villager can achieve 200%/225%/250%/300%
    (depends on education/profession and other influences)

    *Note* Require Bigger Maps :S (downside Performance)

  • - Add Palisade+Gate (for Mid/Lategame) to keep Wild Animals outside of the Villages / Settlements.
  • Also to Protect from Bandits/Thief/Raiders
    Maybe make the Palisade "Pieces" upgradeable with Stronger Parts, Bow Towers , Scout Towers (Maybe Scout Tree House in the Woods)
    -->To detecting coming enemies earlier, so you can prepare for it.

  • - Goverment for your "Settlement"/Village/Town & Policy & Crime System
  • Based on Happiness/Moral/Health System maybe Fractions aswell?

    Happiness / Moral / Health System has Influences on Productivity of Buildings , Crafting , Gathering.
    It also affect Birth Rate/Chance + Chance of Success or birth Failure especially the Health.
    Besides of "Hospital" Villagers should be able to use Herbs to "prevent" beeing infected by
    Sickness/Disease with a % Chance at least the less deadly/dangerous one, deadly ones ignore it

    Goverment should be able after a specific amount of Villagers?
    In form of a Building with the required Tasks for it
    Palisade + Goverment Building in a Settlement proclaim that the Settlement has "Official" became a Village
    with all it's advantages and disadvantages
    (Multiple Villages & Settlements would be nice especially the Trading between them)

    For Policy
    Are mostly use for emergency situations or maybe to make your Villages/Towns more individual?

    Just as a few example
    You had a Disaster 50-80% of your Crop Fields got Burned down... or infected by a parasite or whatever
    you loose alot of your Food for the next Winter Season.
    After recognizing this you decide to start in the Special Building a Policy for this Winter season that People force
    to have half less available food ( Food Ration --> Happiness --> Productivity --> Possible Crimes) Stuff like this as Example.
    Birthrate Steal/Murder/else *leave your city become bandit/raider*
    You are moving to gain new Land for your Crop fields
    You have enough Villagers to do it , and it could be useful in the future generations for your Village/Town
    Do you will use landscaping and fire to burn down a little forest? make it unusuable for 1-5 Years as buildable Land for your crops
    but after it, it will "boost" your overall gathering from the field for 1-5 years.
    Maybe you get more food then you can use , or maybe it will come right in time to help out after a disaster had hit your settlement.
    Or it will maybe lead you in a mysery of starving after a fatal amount of bad situations.

    Or will you just do it on the usual way?
    (Landscaping can be used as a tool to prevent the fire to spread too much or take over other nearby trees or making a canal for your crop fields)

    Events Policy

    High Predators Activity in the Nights has been detected by your Hunters
    To Prevent Villagers killed by them you force your villagers to stay at the Night at Home (Or Inside your Palisade Walled Village)
    Instead of Working
    (Except a special Building that Deliver Food & Fuel to the Homes *While having a Torch in the Hand and light up the dark! ;) * )

    Or maybe a Sickness/Disease Event Policy
    Where the sickness/disease starts to spread out (and you still have no hospital or not enough)
    You do a policy to make the villagers stay at at home for the duration to decrease the infecting chance
    (they go only outside if its really necessary (for food/fuel else) (lets hope you got enough stored :p)

    Education Policy (should be selfexplaining)

  • - More Upgradeable Buildings
  • More Upgrade Tiers for the Building itself (increase possible Workers,Effiency,Gathering Range etc.)
    Unique Upgrades (only 1 is chooseable out of 2-3 x?)
    Few examples, Forestry Building --> Upgrades --> Increased Range |-| Get more Wood per Tree |-| Decrease Tree Grow Duration
    Hunter Cabin ---> Get more Meat |-| Get more fur |-| Increased Range |-| Increase Regrow Population
    (Building Idea for Hunters especially in Wintertime) Main Hunter Building (in settlement/village) or a bit outside)
    and buildable Hunter 1 Man Treehouse on a already existing Tree or (comes with an own tree) (inside of a forest)
    (provide a a bit warm place&food) where a hunter "waits" for a animals
    Some Stuff like this.

Under Construction

What of these feature do you like? (mutiple poll)

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    Wednesday, August 31 2016, 05:10 AM - #Permalink
    Argh darn!
    Forgot something to add >.<
    About the Torches and Light
    Daytime and Nighttime should be extendend to make full use of it :
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