a loot of think

more furniture
a bowcraftman shop
a bakery
a Cutlery shop
more smal think like ton pots that grow plants (just deko)
a brewery (building)
jeweler shop
just more buildings
a gallows maybe? To enforce laws
Coin factory (for the mony)
art craft shop

for walls maybe you need cut stone not just stone

more thinks that do the Construction processing

a table and chairs set you can put food in and wen you sit on the tapel you eat and rest
like your food is under 80 you eat a random food that is storet in the tabel

you see what you have epict (Chains and rings)

more clothing
like Variations

a mining card that you can build in the tunngel and you can store 250 ground in in
and pull it over the Railroad
card( maybe 2 bars and 20 plates of metal )
railroad ( 2 bars)

so in a big mine you can craf railroad┬┤s to get faster the metal out
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