why do we need to use amberwood why not standard wood or hardwood its stupidly specific and not necessary. we have a large guild with a huge castle base but sorting out the collection on amberwood takes days if not weeks just to collect it and transport it 2 and a half servers across. its stupid you have walls with stairs that don't require amberwood so why not make them all not require amberwood or better yet why not add a system that lets you use either type with a drop down menu or like in another unnamed survival game that lets you use other items as substitute for numerous items. it makes it more realistic and more enjoyable. like in real life there are substitutes so certain items that a country doesn't have. i know that this as an update wouldn't take long to script and inbed into the game a little bit of work would make the game a whole lot more interesting and enjoyable as i feel that new players and being put off by such small technicalities.
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