Animal WIldlife

In my Mind, it would be a way more interesting to see the animals more active, even when the player is not near.
Some examples:
- Wolfs hunting other animals. Hares, Deers and so on.
- All Animals could walk around, maybe even in some intervalls to some Waterplace, like the Sea ( maybe in futur a River ;) ).
- Wolfs shouldn be so weaker ( not less damage but less health) and in slightly bigger herds ( Not quite sure if this is the right term ).
- Realistic Speed. No chance someone can outran a Deer or anything else.
- Maybe the chance of a herd of wolfs finding a barn, and killing some/most of the animals inside. Would be totaly awesome.

Additional the hunting is way to easy as soon you have a bow.
- The pathfinding is to fast, allways you got a Traget you can track down quite fast. It would be nice to see just tracks in a radius of
lets say... 20m?
- Some Tracks on rocky, hard ground could not be visible, forcing the player to scan the entire area.
Excuse my bad English, it's 6 am.
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