I have build a few villages in the game and the thing I am missing most is a balanced distribution of goods (items) between warehouses, barns and trade fairs.

- Balanced distribution could be enabled by clicking the arrow (line) in the middle of the route list.
- Could be either one way or two way route.
- In a balanced distribution an item is only transported by pack mules if the quantity in a destination is less than in a source location.
- Maximum number of items transported would be half of what exists in a source.

If item group is selected like "All", "Foods", "Materials" then:
- An item with a highest priority should be transported, where the priority could be Priority = Source quantity / (Target quantity + 3)

If possible the "Target quantity" should include items that are already in transit to destination (carried by pack mules)

Off topic:
It would be nice to have an ability to rename Trade Fairs and Caravan Stables. So, that what's pinned on screen could be better identified.
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