Battlegrounds-esque instanced battles

Can we add some sort of WoW-esque battlegrounds? Or more specifically something like the last man standing (team) battles that were in Mount and Blade: warband?

It would be awesome if people could sign up for an instanced battle, from home (without skill/item/alig loss/gain - just for fun) just to get away from the grind. This would also give all the RP and PvE players a chance to hone their skills, so they don't run and hide when an enemy attacks. As it is right now, there is very little pvp (1 part pvp, 99 parts craft/grind).

* Can sign up alone, or as a unit.
* Maybe best of three rounds?
* No skill/alignment loss OR gain
* No item loss; restrictions to T2 armors - slain horses appear back in inventory when done
* Or you can loot your kills, no item restrictions, horses die when dead
* other stuff
* Can expand with Capture the tradecart/KoTH game modes.
* can get a lot of edgecase data on instanced battles with people constantly signing up
* Less QQ from the community
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