This means to give the player more race options when creating their character.
Because this game is pretty much RP based, players would like to be characters that represent them in some degree or another.

Having just 3 races that are basically (White, White, and Asian) doesn't really fulfill the needs for everyone who chooses to play this game because everyone who does is not always in that within that feature category. Since the RP is very strong, players would like to see a variety among the open world territory possibly displaying the culture of each race.

When i say this, bringing options in the character creation such as making characters that represent the African American, Spanish, Muslim, and so on, will give the player a more realistic or "self inserting" feel while playing this game. Along with me, i'm sure there are many others that would love to make a character that represents themselves in such an open world experience.

Hopefully this will be something that is considered for future updates!
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