Hi guys. I comment I am a player of "Life is Feudal MMO" with more than 1900 hours played and I always dedicate myself in the constructions and wall designs in the game, and what I always find with the design error with the "walls of castles with scaffolds" when using them in a round design. Its problems are, that the enzyme is diagonal, it leaves gaps on the outside, etc. My Tips is to make 2 modifications more than everything in the "diagonal" and 1 in the "square". There should be 3 types of designs. A serious design to cut the ends and to be straight, in the diagonal walls (image number 1). And also block the tips of the corbels in the diagonal and square walls (image number 2).
Leave comments on my suggestion.
Greetings to all!

Image 1

Image 2
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    Saturday, April 20 2019, 09:54 AM - #Permalink
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    Monday, March 16 2020, 11:12 AM - #Permalink
    Correct or modify the design of the "walls of castles with scaffolds". Some things which they prefer to us that was showing you some expert writing services abilities which are here. If all these abilities are perfect and according to your demands then you have to maintain them and make them perfect to correct or modify all these walls.
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