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Cosmetic Additions

I realise most of these have probably been requested before multiple times, but might as well do again because they still not here. I think Bitbox could make a lot of $$ off these cosmetics and i'm unsure why they haven't been added already. Obliviously all the below would be done in LIF owns dark feudal art style.

Horse Tabards

As the title says, horse tabards would be wicked and something i would drop money on. These would be simpler than character cloaks to add, as you would only need to model the movement of them for certain horse states. I think it would be really cool to have horse tabards/heraldry and something a lot of players would pay to have custom designs/skins.

Obviously something like the below right two pics would be nice, but they are probably a bit complex. The left is quite basic, but probably a lot more achievable and still looks a lot better than nothing.


The patterns on the horse tabard would just come straight from the guild heraldry just like the below examples.


Again, another example from the dead game CoE, but this looks awesome. (I know, CoE is a scam, but the horse tabards they designed looked good)



Pike/Lance - Small heraldry flags

Another potential Bitbox money maker, esp if combined with the horse tabards. The banners that are stuck onto players backs are okay, but they look ridiculous

From what i can see from one of the trailers, it looks like Bitbox already have some models for this done already.



These would be really awesome on the ends of pikes and lances. The war banners, in my opinion, look out of place. Sure the have a strategic purpose in battle, but being stuck to the back/neck of a player, they are not "cosmetic".

I think the below look awesome, and something I see a lot of players buying.



Actual Cloaks

I got excited the other day when i saw that a cloak was getting added in the patch notes.


But to my disappointment, it was just another re-skinned tabard. Its cool, but its not a cloak. You don't tuck a cloak into a belt. A cloak is a wraplike outer garment fastened at the throat and falling straight from the shoulders.

I understand its not a small effort to add something like a cloak. The modelling has to be done for all the different stances in terms of how cloak will look and move i.e. standing still, walking, walking and turning right, running, going into in combat and pulling weapon, sitting on a horse, trotting and turning left, trotting and turning left while swinging left with a sword, galloping, sitting on a horse-cart, sitting on a chair, how it would act with the different weapon/crafting swings/actions and many more... I'm not sure how easy or difficult this would be to do.

But it would be awesome feature to be added and something that I think a lot of people would pay $$ to have a cosmetic cloak. You would make it NOT part of the hitbox.

I think the cloaks in CoE is what should be aimed for.


The below, minus having the bow drawn on horseback.. obviously. The way the cloak drapes over the back of the horse.


If cloaks on horseback is too complicated/much, you could just have it so that they disappear on horseback or when combat (R) is initiated on horseback. I imagine cloaks were only used while riding during travel and not combat anyway.



And i know this is from GoT, a frictional universe, but i still think that these look good and would have been worn in cold environments.


Please have all of your skins guys working on these please, so i can be like below.

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