I dont think that there is something to explain about it. The current situation is that instead of dropping your heavy overburdening "virtual " bag with goods on the ground which is actually your inventory is, people are forced to drag an object one by one on the ground. That makes people completely defenseless, as it is totally unrealistic. Like you search in your every single pocket and throw things one by one instead of just throwing everything out in order to survive, for exampe, when you are attacked by robbers. Give simple farmers, diggers and other industrious folk a chance. Let them have a chance to just drop everything and run away in terror, or try to defend themselves against robbers until the help comes! The question rises, that honest robbers may have be deprived of loot because this folk will just drop it on the claim ground where they usually work. Then make this type of insta loot lootable for everyone even on the claim like with graves or unconscious people! So basically, the overburdenned guy, completely defenseless cause of overburdening, will have a choice either to drop ALL his inventory and run away or try to defend it, or stay overburdenned and try to fight back, though it is fatal. If he defends it, he can kite the enemy while not letting him to loot his bag, hoping for the help to come or try to make his last stand for his precious metal shovels, iron ingots/bars etc inside the bag!
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