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More realism in forestry and farming

Maybe a lot people dont like what i am saying now but for the game it would be much better i think.

No Farmer or Forester is able to guarantee for "perfect" Trees or Plants so this should also in game like reality.
Regartless from level of the chop or sprout the Quality should fluctuate by 10 to 20 levels. What i mean is if you plant a sprout with Quality 80 it could grow to an Quality 100 tree or maybe with bad luck to a Quality 60 Tree. Maybe with positive influence of maximal Quality if you fetalize the half grown plant or tree extra.

An other issue i see is the quality of soil... it loses much to fast his quality and normaly every with biologic manure fetalized soil should be generally have better Quality than "normal" soil. And how it is about turf? Turf is also a great soil for plants or a great fueal for furnances or klins.

By the Way a "big" plow drawn by a horse or an Ox would be great too... and better control...
And i think in the game it must be able to make Hay for the animals. Hay which must be dryed and could be stored in haystacks in the stable.

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    Tuesday, June 14 2022, 06:46 AM - #Permalink
    I enjoy playing this game in my past time! I give it 5 stars because of how fun and addicting it is. 1# It doesn't have many ads. 2# You can unlock snake skins that look really good. 3# You can unlock special skins in super fun events. Snake io And last but not least #4 You can switch your controls to make it so if you're left handed then you can enjoy the game as much as someone who is right handed.
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    Saturday, December 12 2015, 12:35 AM - #Permalink
    I disagree, a master farmer and tree farmer does produce perfect trees and plants, but it takes many many years or even a life time to do so. That is pretty much the definition of mastery. The problem is all of these super easy mode servers turn the skillup multiplier way too high, far higher than what the vanilla is going to be in the MMO, so becoming a master is far too easy. Turn down the multipliers back to vanilla, then tell me after you reach 100 farming if you don't deserve a perfect freaking tomato.
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