Open-pit mining

Can we be allowed to 'dig tunnels' on the surface without making the terrain unuasable for terraforming? Because you have no side walls the terrain isn't damaged in a way that crossing tunnels will make it look ugly or unatural like in the other situations (when you have side walls and a roof. So in effect Open-pit mining as it is known in the real world.
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    Monday, January 25 2016, 07:49 AM - #Permalink
    I love the mining in "Rising World" so much better than in LiF. You can dig ANY kind of mine. Though the rest of the game is not so involved as LiF. Sometimes wish the best parts of different games would be in one game. One game to rule them all, but one does not simply dig into Mordor. :p

    All I ask is for a bit more freedom in mining, to dig a hole, to support it, to remove the supports and to refill the hole if needed.
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