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Please add more species of trees! (Please read)

I would like to see:

Willow - Used for cordage (please implement cordage and sinew into the game to add fishing line, bowdrill sets, bowstring, etc.), also could be used to chew on the branches to raise health a little, as willow branches contain a chemical used in aspirin in real life) Willow is also a good wood to craft bowdrill sets (spindles and hearth boards)

Red Cedar - Excellent tree to have in the game, great for gathering tinder bundles for fire (something I wish was implemented into the game), and a great building material, we should be able to make cedar shingles for roofing when it comes to building small huts. Also a good wood to make canoes. Also great for making chests. Say if you build a chest made out of cedar a thief can't break into it, where as chests made out of other woods they can.

Oaks - There are oaks in the game but no acorns, acorns were a common food source back then. They can be leeched and processed into flour for food, but they also work well for hunting trap bait. Also could be used for sling and slingshot ammo.

My favorite tree is the basswood, the leaves are edible but I wouldn't put this tree in the game because there isn't much uniqueness the tree would bring. But in real life it makes excellent cordage and the cambium on the inner bark is also edible and tastes like cucumber. Beech tree leaves are also edible in case anyone wanted to know.

Ash - This is a great wood for crafting wood furniture and to build other wood objects like tables, bed frames and chairs. It's an excellent hardwood.

Birch - This is a beautiful tree that would add a nice diversity to the flora with just one species. It contains drinkable sap similar to maple, nature's energy drink. But the best part about this tree is the bark. The bark is excellent tinder which can be set on fire even in wet conditions, so if weather is implemented you can still start fires as long as you have birch for tinder. Also if bowdrills are implemented like I hope then say the minigame wouldn't take a long to start a fire with birch or cedar bark. If books are added to the game you can make a book out of birch bark, which is very papery. It would work well.
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