Procedural generated resources and animals...

The current issue with LiF:YO is that most players don't get to experience the entire map. Any veteran player who starts out on a fresh server, knows where to go, where to build, where to get animals, and where to get resources. This creates a problem of certain areas always always always, under control by the same people or by someone, if joining a new server.

My suggestion is to have the resources be randomly generated in the hills and mountains and have the animals respawn randomly at different points instead of at a certain spot. I can agree with having the animals spawn in the same location if the entire population of what there isn't completely wiped out. But make it more random so that players have to keep evolving strategies and so other players also have a random chance to get a good location.
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    Sunday, January 22 2017, 09:10 AM - #Permalink
    basicly spawn the mob where players aren't maybe 100m await or 500m
    unlike most mmo's (SWTOR) where you can stand at a spot and wait for it to spawn next to you
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