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Pagans! Wilder-Folk & Tribes

The option to live the life of a nomadic wilderness dwelling, tribe member. Incl slight variations (though much reuse) of the existing craft/skill tree.

In contrast to the feudal life we know and love, I feel like they would add a very important element of violence/danger/savagery that was so prevalent during that time. For reference, the below might refer to a Civilized Character. These are characters as we know them today within Lif:Yo.

Living outside of the typical town/village/city environment, these people would live and thrive in camps, dependent upon the wilderness, raiding, trading, and offering of themselves as mercenaries, for their survival. Here are a few ideas that might be associated with this character group :

Mission of Wilder-Folk is to harass resource gathering & players, forcing Civilized guilds to band together as a community (as they do while crafting), to build defenses, and a militia (even in the early stages of game-play) to defend against nature's worst enemy, as well as other Civilized factions.

Represents an intelligent threat to Civilized Characters, that thrives in the wild of nature.

Dying should have much less attribute drain, as the heathens will die frequently, if civilization has anything to do with it! They are meant to be a semi-disposable, player driven force of interference for the Civilized towns, and people.

Can be converted over to Civilized persons with some attribute modifications, by a Pope, Priest, etc. etc.

Heavy restrictions to the allowed maximum number of members in a Tribe. This will therefore create various bands of Wilder-Folk, and disallow a vast grouping / army.

Variation in construction / building options would remove larger stone buildings (and walls), in favor of quickly constructed (and possibly portable) tents & camps made of wood/fiber/fur/hides.

Balance of power goes from novice = weak, to experienced = stronger, in comparison to a typical Civilized Character type.

Almost right away the objective of a Wilder person would be to acquire hunting skills since so much of their camp-builds will be derived from animals/nature. Due to the focus on hunting/combat, they will be weaker than the typical Civilized Character until they build up experience/attributes.

Less advanced armor/weaponry, though physical traits/abilities may be advanced quite substantially.

Difficulty acquiring / handling horses. No training/breeding (nomadic... no time to stable, etc.). Must steal tamed horses.

General Intelligence restrictions (with bonuses for mentors/healers, etc.)

Armor limited to uniquely identifiable sets of leather, fur, padded that set them apart from Civilized people. Wilder Folk are typically speedy / fearless but have less protection than Civilized persons who have obtained metal armor as well as weapons.

Raider style - Judgement hour smash n grab type game play, will boost the value of Archers / Ranged within Civilized Guilds, so that raiders can be picked off from a distance / towers. Raids will be necessary for Wilder-Folk to acquire better weapons (but can never wear metal armor), and items to sell/barter. Successful raids (though difficult) should prove very beneficial for the tribe, in the absence of their ability to create these items themselves. While Judgement Hours are disabled, Wilder-people can also harass resource collection. This will encourage smart collection /protection of resources for Civilized towns/villages.

Trading (likely only possible w/ a disguise that works on a timer) to appear as typical civilized peasant / trader so they can venture into Civilized areas to barter.

Ritual Healing. Optimized healing with strange rituals / practices. Perhaps may barter healing for items / animals, etc.. This type of ungodly healing should reduce piety to Civilized Characters that opt in.

In Lif:Yo, we typically start right away by meeting people, forming communities, and building a village/town/city. The problem with this is that there is (in my experience), rarely any physical threat/interference from anything aside from an aggressive wild animals.

Currently It's difficult with the skill-trees we are familiar with, to live as a nomad. At the very least, you need a fully functioning town with access to all of the crafting stations to maintain armor and weapons that can compete with other towns folk / militia / armies.

Pagan Tribes would introduce an element of danger, in what at times becomes a bit of a drab process of building and laboring. It increases the importance of men at arms within Civilized towns/villages, for those players that prefer that type of play (in addition to hunting).

Likely, what will happen is that the towns people will band together, and crush the opposition by finding, and burning the raiding tribe's camp. This is why it's important for Wilder-Tribes to be able to rebuild a camp efficiently (with likely less effective tools, and such, but at a rapid enough pace, to keep them in the game). Size of Tribes (max tribe members) could scale in comparison to the largest size of Civilized Guilds.

Please incorporate this style of play. It would add sooo much to the existing game, which is AMAZING already.
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