Respawn time depending on alignment

There is already "Resurrection sickness". But in 10-15 minutes full HP attackers can return and attack/steal again while civilians have to defend themselves not having enough time to regenerate.
Add respawn time depending on alignment.
if your alignment from -5 to 5 you will have to wait 10 minutes
every alignment point above 5 decreases respawn time by 11 seconds (instant resurrection with 50+ alignment)
every point below -5 increases respawn time by 55 seconds (1 hour if alignment -50 or lower)
This will give time for healing and crafting before the attackers come back.
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    Thursday, November 26 2015, 12:10 AM - #Permalink
    I like this in theory, but it would need to implemented in a way where every GM would have the option of adjusting the values for his/her server to fit the servers play style.
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    Saturday, November 28 2015, 07:12 PM - #Permalink
    I'd like to see it in the game. Alignment was implemented to prevent killing everything at sight, but currently nobody cares about alignment. This suggestion will cause the alignment system to work properly.
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