Hi, I would like to suggest that, instead of having people ONLY go to the closest collection facility, please make a ring connected to their home for how far they will go for:

1. Balanced Diet
2. Clothing
3. Firewood
4. Any other necessities for the HOME

Also, please connect a ring to the employment, how far they will go for items that they need to use for their work. This would help rather than leaving them to ignore items 20 blocks away because they aren't in the barn 19 blocks away. I do understand them not going all the way across the map (they shouldn't!), but not going a few grid blocks further is really a little unrealistic--not to mention difficult from a gameplay standpoint. I appreciate that you can (eventually) make donkey houses, but they're not really all that fantastic for something that's within a pretty close range of each other only because the bakery is closer to a barn that has no eggs than it is to one that has some.

Making it so we could see the ring would be a bonus, obviously, but I'd rather it have one I couldn't see than have none at all.
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    Sunday, November 27 2016, 12:39 PM - #Permalink
    My reason for asking this is because right now, even if there are two barns super close to the house or workplace, the villagers always ONLY go to the CLOSEST one. So if one is full of eggs and the other has none, we get no pies. Personally, I think that stinks. :(
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