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I believe (prospective) modders would appreciate if you could publish some info on the 3D format you're using.
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    Wednesday, December 14 2016, 06:12 AM - #Permalink
    pbox, we use a proprietary file format for 3D models. It contains the raw models (engine) data with some optimizations that occur at the time of export. At the moment, there is no any publicly available exporter for these data.

    Also, every model in the game consist of some (not only one) components - 3d model, materials, textures, collision data, some other.

    I mean that if you want to change some model (for house, for example) in the game - then you need to provide all neccessary data and files, not only one file.
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    Wednesday, December 14 2016, 02:46 PM - #Permalink
    Thanks for your reply.

    I know that 3D models generally have various different components (I have some background in modding other games =) -- the material definitions and textures seem to be quite accessible to modding though, only the 3D format had us stumped (and the collision data maybe too, now that you mention it), that is why I was asking specifically about that.

    Collision data is probably a bounding box, I guess? If we knew more about the 3D format we might be able to figure that out from there ..

    So do you have any plans to disclose the file format you're using, or give us some hints on how to decipher it ourselves? I understand if you cannot release proprietary code outright, but maybe you could publish binary templates or something. Or perhaps all we need to do is wait for the Steam mod kit to be released? I'm not quite sure what to expect from that -- I seem to recall you stated that some aspects of the game (like scripts) would be accessible then, but I don't remember you mentioning the 3D models.
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