Increase Crop Yields!

The crop yeilds are too low or the people eat too much. I stuggle after 40 people with keeping them from starving. On the easiest settings, no disasters and "mild" climate (not mild by the way!) I still can't manage it. There are too many jobs needed as your population gets bigger, but even when I dedicate most to farming I still come up short. I think the solution is that crops should just yeild a lot more. 25% to 50% more at least. I also think after 40 no matter how close I place things villagers start to suck as doing their jobs....
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    Saturday, September 17 2016, 04:59 PM - #Permalink

    I think this is no bug but a feature - just put your farms close to the barns. I had the issue that my Chicken Shepherd was not able to care for his 27 "friends" Eggs and Meat could not be transported as fast as they have been produced. After putting a barn in the near of the chicken coop things changed dramatically.

    I highly appeciate this way the developers think so gamers have to double check what they can build instead of just putting some stuff onto the map. Think this is more realistic
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    Saturday, September 24 2016, 06:40 PM - #Permalink
    I have made a post about creating a difficulty setting so people with different preferences can all enjoy this game. I agree that the current set up is great. It requires more thoughtful placement and planning as you expand. Also, slower expansion so your kids do not eat up everything.

    If people would like the food consumption changed perhaps they can search up my suggestion and up vote the difficulty setting idea. Then we can all play the way we would like.
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