A couple of requests...

Controlling citizens:
1. Ability to turn off mouselook.
2. Cheat sheet with skill descriptions. After almost a week, I still have no clue what #4 and #5 does.
3. Ability to take control in third person view instead of first person.

1. Town Hall - Provides adjustable work queue. Gives ability to cancel demolitions.
2. Temple/church - minor healing and mood while waiting for tavern and healing shop to be built. I had SO many mass extinctions before I managed to get these finished.
3. Cordwainer/cobbler - Good shoes = more offroad speed.

Building info tabs:
1. Size info (was this a size 9x12 or a 10x11 field?)
2. AOE circle around beehives would be nice so I could see how far their reach is into nearby fields.
3. Next button so you can cycle between buildings of the same type. It took me twenty minutes yesterday to find an old hunter's hut I'd thrown into the great beyond at some point.

1. Terraforming transitions off. You only see before and after, which would cut down on lag spikes I'd think.
2. Consolidate swarms on/off. When off, fish/birds would become larger in size and fewer in number.
3. Shadows off. Personally, I think they're more trouble than they're worth and would love to turn them off.

I know the game is still in testing and I'm still early into the game (only five expeditions so far), but these where the things I noticed as major irritants.
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