Attributes of guilds!

My English - very weak!
I would like here to write: During battles, the players of guilds are very difficult to identify the enemy, because everything in the same armor, without any difference!
In the future I would like to see heraldry! That is possible for each of the founder of the guild offer of "designer of the emblem", which in the future will be depicted on the chest of armor, and shields of warrior, on horse back.
Picture of emblem must be present on the attributes of the entire guild! Pay attention to the mod of game: Mount and Blade - Persistent World
Interesting designer of emblems implemented in the game: Stronghold kingdoms
And of course, I would like to see in the future heraldic flags on the castles and buildings - possibility to build them freely - as kraft items and establish where the leader wants!
This is one of my many suggestions and do not scold me for my English!
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