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be able to use two one-handed swords

it would be interesting to see people with two one-handed swords we could see more people using swords and that would be awesome the botton that you use to dend from an attack could be the other weapon is alredy created you only need to change the hand you are using
it would be fun.
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    Sunday, February 14 2016, 09:31 PM - #Permalink
    It's not realistic
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    Thursday, February 25 2016, 03:16 PM - #Permalink
    I disagree, dual wielding was quite realistic, there is no reason not to be able to dual wield 1h weapons.
    I would like to see this added at some point
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    Thursday, February 25 2016, 11:16 PM - #Permalink
    dual wielding was used in several civilizations...

    in the faq, they say a little about dual wielding, and it may come later, because of its special combat system... then... planned, but no ETA ;)
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    Saturday, February 27 2016, 06:26 AM - #Permalink
    How many medieval Europeans have you heard of who famously duel wielded swords or daggers it gives no advantage since you can only attack with 1 at any given moment and block/parry with the other which you can do with a shield but duel wielding wasn't a popular thing of the time. Duel wielding is more of a martial art style for certain weapons it was never used in large or small scale military practice in medieval Europe,
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    Monday, April 11 2016, 10:36 PM - #Permalink
    Dual wielding can be done, but it would be very tough to properly implement in game. The entire benefit to dual wielding is that you can strike in different locations (aka, make multiple threats) at the same time, while still maintaining some defense. It falls into a place in combat which is somewhat between the more aggressive melee styles and the more defensive.

    Simply put, there is no way to input the commands like that at this time. It would be cheesy, and lackluster in my opinion, because you would never be able to do what a good dual wield combatant should be doing. You lose all the defining style, and it just becomes a double swing, or a double block. Unless you put in a second set of commands for the off-hand weapon which would then require a lot of keybinding and pain to perform.

    I just don't see this as something worthwhile, given the technical issues with it. It would be fine in a full body control VR environment, but you lose everything that makes it work in a keybind style game, in my opinion.
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    Sunday, March 05 2017, 06:20 PM - #Permalink
    dual wielding is bullshit in real live why you don´t whant a shield in the 2 hand ? the shield safe you for arrows or speers and just 2 1hand wepons a silly it don´t give you any bonus you can´t hit faster can´t hit stronger and that say i and i do buhurt fullbody combat

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