Bee's and what you can do with them

I have some ideas in connection with bees. (I'm sorry for the bad english, it's not my native language)

1) In the near (2-3 cells) of beehives you should get a minimal demage. So the bees hurt you. With a little chance you get poisond with one of these stings. There should also be a textmassege, so you can see what's happend with your character.

2) There should also be a special cloth for beeceepers. So they won't get hurt from the bees.

3) You can get a colony of bees from the beehive. To transport them you put it into a wicker basket(transportable hive). With this wicker basket you can lure a bear.

4) You can throw this wicker basket and the bees will be angry. So characters (enemys) in the near (2-3 cells) will be hurt. More hurt than in the near of the original beehive.
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