Change the way Flee works.

Currently when you hit flee you instantly de equip any thing in your four weapon slots. and start running at the speed of an African Swallow.

I feel using flee should be allot harsher of a punishment than it currently is, My suggestion is to make it so any items you had in your back pack and equipped in your weapon slots drop onto the ground.

This would make the fact you have instantly lost your weapons more accurate as you didn't take the time to de equip them and store them away, The dropping of items in backpack would also be more in line with the new found speed you have just gained.

Currently I can attack players unsuspecting and overburden and they can do nothing but die this would also give them a fighting chance at life. after I have killed the overburden player I can take what I want pop flee and make a break for water or a green zone to avoid further action, Or just make a clean break at the speed of a European Swallow.

Please support this post if you agree with my purposal to have flee changed


[COR] Spet Snazzy
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