First of all. Thanks to all the Devs for successfully creating a potentially timeless Survival MMO of revolutionary quality.

I would like to submit an idea that has, unfortunately, been largely ignored by all games that have online updates involved in their management and maintenance. The problem is that, while many games are very prestigious and prosperous, Devs of different INCREDIBLE game concepts eventually cease to continue to develop on games that start out for a while as very successful. My suggestion is that the Devs of LIFMMO would take an amazing concept and think bigger and further down the line of the creative process. Update all graphics models as time passes, so that you don't fall into the trap of something like WOW in which models and graphics engines get outdated over time. make people want to by new rigs to play your game at ultra high over time while keeping an option for lower rigs. You all have an amazing concept. Please build on that and create for yourselves an even greater player base to support a survival MMO empire that stands the test of time both in-game and in RL. If you have to change the name to broaden the eventual scope of the game's in-game economics, technology, and economy, then please do so. Prove yourselves to be the leader of Survival concepts (which I believe you are), and make every other silly survival game concept pay homage to the brilliance of this design. Never abandon a perfect game concept. If you need to have a system where there has to be a transition from feudal civilizations to more advanced technology, make that possible. Whatever you do, dream bigger and keep up the awesome work. Other concepts for survival are simply not as good or authentic and realistic. Maybe people learn to make guns. AWESOME. If you succeed, you will have monopolized the greatest genre of video games.
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