Extended Nature's lore and Wounds\Healing

I was always thinking that Alchemist/Healer profession is very simplified in comparison to others therefore i have few ideas to extend it:

-Nature's lore - This skill is mainly used for recognizing herbs and gives player insight of next player biggest attributes and race. They idea i would like to present is give this player ability to tell another players:

Some of his skills(example: he knows how to handle animals - animal lore-)
Some of his attributes(example: he appears to be very strong and agile)
How long he had played the game(example; he appears to be quite young)
Is he dangerous(example;He appears to be a ruthless man)
His alignment(example; There is evil in his eye)
Is he a battle veteran(example; He have many scars)
Is he wounded right now or what wounds or sickness he have

-Wound system - This idea is simple pls add consequences to wounds that are more severe

Broken leg - You cant sprint or you are very slowed down(50% speed)
Broken arm - Your attacks deals 50% less dmg or even you looses ability to wield shield
Broken ribs - 25% Less stamina
Headshot - Massive dmg and temporarily a blackout or stun(black or white screen for a player for a moment not actual knockout)

The last idea i would like to suggest is Healing mini-game...
So guys what do you think and sorrey for my "English" :)
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    Monday, June 15 2015, 09:12 PM - #Permalink

    These are some good ideas, in my opinion there needs to be many different 'professions' and ability's in the skill trees. So more or less enforces players to interact with one another to complete goals.

    So you have to rely on a FEUDAL system to live rather then just the survival of the fittest type stuff you have in other games like this such as Rust, and Reign of Kings.
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