Being a pve player I would enjoy a pve world with NPC's kingdom to fight them or to trade with them or other pve players. Remove the Green zone area cause It is possibly being taken advantage of through trade. Feeding the pvp players (guilds) with high quality items I think Is unfair advantage for them if guild members are on the green zone area using the land.

The mmo itself

- Having trade carts that detects trade posts, spawns and have it travel on a safe route where they can be raided (either a cart of buyers coins or sellers goods) instead of transfer.
- Have trade carts being escorted by npc's to increase chances of success of trade for a price for the escort.

- Green zone area should be only for pve or new players to build and trade. pvp player's Guilds should have to do it all on there own land. or remove the ability to for guild member to work on green zone land. (because monuments can't be made on green zone land guild members shouldn't be able to work the land either.)

Make each green zone territory it's own guild that one can freely join to work on those lands

- have green zone trade between each green zone (ignores pvp player type guild trades. if guild members can't work the land was implemented.)

I guess what i should just say have pve type players like myself be separate from pvp players.
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